Ecomuseo de Guinea & Lagartario

Museum in El Golfo

El Hierro's premier cultural site, this open-air museum combines two in one. The fascinating Casas de Guinea encompasses a volcanic cave and 20 traditional houses dating from the 17th to 20th centuries – previously home to the Bimbaches, it's one of the island's original post-Spanish-conquest settlements. The attached Lagartario is a sanctuary, reproduction and reintroduction centre for the endangered El Hierro giant lizard; you'll learn all about these 60cm-long creatures and see 11 lizards lolling about (visit after 11am for maximum activity).

The Ecomuseo is signposted off the HI55, 3km south of Las Puntas. All visits are guided and run at specific times, in Spanish, English and/or German according to demand.