Faro de Orchilla

El Hierro

Though robbed of its status as Meridiano Cero by the UK's Greenwich in 1885, the concrete lighthouse that marks the most southwesterly point in Spain remains an island icon. With an astonishing seaside cliff perch, surrounded by lava-flow hills, it's an evocative spot. It's an 8.5km drive southwest of the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de los Reyes on the HI503, signed off the HI500.

The lighthouse's old jetty, just east, is now a scenic swimming spot, and there's a commemorative Meridiano Cero monument west of the lighthouse. A 5.7km path weaves uphill to the Ermita from the lighthouse.

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Nearby El Hierro attractions

1. Ermita de Nuestra Señora de los Reyes


Made all the more intriguing by the long history and strong tradition behind it, this whitewashed, rust-roofed, pine-fringed 18th-century chapel conceals…

2. Playa del Verodal

2.87 MILES

At the far western end of the island, this curious volcanic red-sand beach, 1km off the HI500 (and signposted), backs up to a majestic rock cliff. It's…

3. El Sabinar

3.19 MILES

Sculpted by nature into wild shapes that look frozen in time, the beautiful and surreal wind-twisted sabinas (juniper trees) that grow across the hillside…

4. Mirador de Bascos

3.76 MILES

Around 500m north of El Sabinar, this lookout point looms over the western end of El Golfo but is often veiled in cloud and was off-limits to visitors at…

5. Pozo de la Salud

4.35 MILES

El Hierro's famed Pozo de la Salud (Well of Health) was long known for miraculously healing local cattle, but has been recognised for its mineral-rich…

6. Playa de las Arenas Blancas

4.43 MILES

Curled into the isolated western end of El Golfo, just off the HI500 6.5km northwest of Sabinosa, this spectacularly positioned swathe of blonde sand…

7. Parque Cultural de El Julan

5.65 MILES

Closed indefinitely for renovations at research time, this modern exhibition centre highlights one of the island's most important cultural sights, Los…

8. Bodega Soterana

7.18 MILES

While this expertly run bodega on the western edge of Los Llanillos may be a newcomer on El Hierro's blossoming wine scene, its volcanic-soil vines date…