Hanyangdoseong Exhibition Hall

Northern Seoul

Adjacent to Hyehwamun, this former home of various mayors of Seoul was built in 1941 directly on top of the Seoul City Wall. It's now a Wall museum with a small cafe and garden, and a popular rest spot for walkers. The foundations of the house have been exposed on one side to reveal parts of the Wall.

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1. Hyehwamun

0.05 MILES

One of the 'four small gates' of the Seoul City Wall, Hyehwamun is also known as Dongsomun (literally 'small east gate'). Originally built in 1396, it was…

2. Choi Sunu House

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The charming hanok (traditional wooden home) of Choi Sunu, a former director of the National Museum of Korea and academic on Korean arts is now looked…

3. Seonjam Museum

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An engaging little museum about Seongbuk-dong's long vanished Seonjam altar, which was where royal sericulture (silk production) rites were held during…

4. Arko Art Center

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5. Marronnier Park

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More plaza than park, Marronnier Park usually has something happening on afternoons and evenings at the outdoor stage, as well as pockets of sculpture to…

6. Naksan Park

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The lofty slopes above Daehangno offer fantastic city views and contain an impressive section of the Seoul City Wall, which you can follow in either…

7. Lock Museum


One of Seoul’s quirkier private collections makes for a surprisingly absorbing exhibition. It focuses on the artistry of locks, latches and keys of all…

8. Great Greenhouse

0.63 MILES

On the grounds of Changgyeonggung is this splendid Victorian-stye greenhouse built by the Japanese in 1909.