Lotte World Folk Museum

Gangnam & Southern Seoul

The Folk Museum at Lotte World uses imaginative techniques like dioramas, scale models and moving waxworks to bring scenes from Korean history to life. The price is included in the day-pass ticket for Lotte World Adventure & Magic Island.

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1. Lotte World

0.06 MILES

This huge complex includes an amusement park, an ice-skating rink, a cinema multiplex, a department store, a folk museum, a shopping mall, a hotel,…

2. Lotte World Adventure & Magic Island

0.26 MILES

Lotte World Adventure & Magic Island is a mainly indoor Korean version of Disneyland, complete with ‘flying’ balloons, 3D films, laser and music shows,…

3. Lotte World Tower

0.33 MILES

Completed in early 2017, Seoul's latest landmark is the 555m-high Lotte World Tower – the tallest skyscraper in Korea (and sixth highest in the world)…

4. World Peace Gate

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Standing at the main entrance to Olympic Park is the colossal World Peace Gate, with its striking winged arches designed by Kim Jung-up for the 1988…

5. Seoul Olympic Museum

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Seoul's Olympic Museum has been completely updated as an interactive museum to not only show highlights of the 1988 Olympics but also the thrills of the…


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Bunker-like SOMA features modern and contemporary art in six galleries. Most are special paid exhibitions, covering both local and big-name international…

7. Seoul Baekje Museum

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Olympic Park’s Seoul Baekje Museum illuminates the history and culture of Hanseong (18 BC–AD 475), when this part of Seoul was the capital of the Baekje…

8. Olympic Park

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This large and pleasant park was the focus of the 1988 Olympics. Strolling its paths takes you past its stadiums surrounded by plenty of greenery, ponds…