Jungmun Beach

Southern Jeju-do

The resort’s palm-fringed beach becomes crowded in July and August. Walk up the steps to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, continue along the boardwalk and down the steps to reach an even more scenic and secluded beach – with aquamarine water and golden sand backed by sheer black cliffs eroded into cylindrical shapes.

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Nearby Southern Jeju-do attractions

1. Cheonjeyeon Pokpo

1.11 MILES

Jungmun’s top natural attraction is this legendary waterfall, a three-tier cascade, sporting unique basalt columns, tucked inside a forested gorge. Above…

2. Jusangjeollidae

1.78 MILES

Just south of the Jeju International Convention Centre is a dramatic 2km stretch of coastline known for rectangular rock columns that look as if they were…

3. Yeomiji Botanical Garden

1.83 MILES

This impressive botanical garden has a huge indoor section with areas that mimic rainforests, deserts and other landscapes. The surrounding plantings and…

4. Teddy Bear Museum

1.88 MILES

A supremely kitsch gathering of stuffed teddies in poses ranging from Mona Lisa to Elvis.

5. Yakcheon-sa


Although construction of this Buddhist temple was completed in 1997, it is one of Jeju-do’s most impressive buildings. The ornate hall is filled with…

6. Museum of Sex & Health

3.09 MILES

In Gamsan-ri in southern Jeju-do, this huge complex has extensive sections devoted to sex education and sex culture from around the world. Laudable for…

7. Hamel Memorial

5.63 MILES

The Hamel Memorial is housed in a replica of a Dutch ship. Hendrick Hamel (1630–92), one of the survivors of a shipwreck near Jeju in 1653, was forced to…

8. Sanbanggul-sa

5.67 MILES

A steep, 20-minute walk up the south face of the craggy Sanbang-san is a small stone Buddha in a 5m-high cave called Sanbanggul-sa. From Sagye-ri, the…