Cheonjiyeon Pokpo

Top choice in Seogwipo

This popular 22m-high waterfall is reached after a 10-minute walk through a beautifully forested, steep gorge. The waterfall can be impressive following heavy rain; at other times it’s more noisy than wide. Well worth visiting in the evening, too, when the illuminated gorge takes on a romantic atmosphere. The falls are on Olle Trail 6; you can easily walk here from town or take the Seogwipo City Tour Bus.

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1. Oedolgae

0.37 MILES

This unusual volcanic basalt pillar juts out 20m from the sea and has served as a filming location for a number of Korean dramas and TV shows. The walk to…

2. Lee Jung-Seop Art Gallery & Park

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On the street that is named after him and decorated with images from his distinctive paintings and drawings (in Fauvism style with exaggerated brush…

3. Saeyeon-gyo

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The attractive cable-stayed Saeyeon-gyo is a bridge at the mouth of Seogwipo Harbour, providing access to Saeseom (Sod Island), and is nicely illuminated…

4. Saeseom

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Densely wooded Saeseom (Sod Island) is ringed by a shady 1.1km trail that is a favourite spot to stroll at sunset. There is also a central public square…

5. Seobok Exhibition Hall

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This exhibition hall is dedicated to Seobok, who was an envoy of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang, and chronicles his visits to Halla-san in…

6. Jeongbang Pokpo

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A favourite with photographers, this 23m-high waterfall is a 15-minute walk east of the town centre. At times less dramatic than the island's other…

7. World Cup Stadium

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Six kilometres west of central Seogwipo, this graceful soccer stadium built for the 2002 World Cup is the centrepiece of an entertainment complex that…

8. World Eros Museum

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The smallest of Jeju-do's sex-themed museums and perhaps the most artful and serious. There's a collection of world erotic art, though the lack of English…