Southern Jeju-do

Although construction of this Buddhist temple was completed in 1997, it is one of Jeju-do’s most impressive buildings. The ornate hall is filled with vibrant murals of scenes from Buddha’s life and teachings. The main hall has galleries overlooking a 3m-tall statue of Buddha. The temple is about 2km east of Jungmun. It’s not far from the start of Jeju Olle Rte 8.

Yakcheon-sa offers several English programs. There is a one-night Basic (₩30,000 per person) and Experience (₩50,000) Templestay program, the latter offering more things to do, as well as a two-night stay (₩60,000). Program schedules are not fixed but require a minimum of five guests. Travellers in a hurry might consider the Templelife program (₩20,000), a three-hour crash course that includes bead-making, meditation walking and a back-breaking 108 deep bows.

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3. World Eros Museum

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7. Teddy Bear Museum

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A supremely kitsch gathering of stuffed teddies in poses ranging from Mona Lisa to Elvis.

8. Cheonjiyeon Pokpo

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