Wangsan Beach

Gyeonggi-do & Incheon

On the next bay north from Eulwangni Beach you'll find Wangsan Beach, which is broader and has a less developed beachfront.

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1. Eulwangni Beach

0.68 MILES

Yeongjongdo’s main beach isn't particularly idyllic (in fact it's a tad shabby), but it is the most easily accessible stretch of sand from Seoul. The…

2. Silmi Beach


The nothernmost of the two main beaches on Muuido's west coast, Silmi is 2km south-west from the ferry terminal. Quieter than Hanagae Beach, at low tide…

3. Hanagae Beach

5.35 MILES

Hanagae Beach is Muuido's best, with plenty of golden sand, a handful of seafood restaurants and basic beach huts under the pine trees or on the beach…

4. So-Muuido

7.15 MILES

The tiny, car-free island of So-Muuido can be accessed via a footbridge from Muuido’s south-eastern tip. It's a charming fishing community with a clifftop…

5. Mani-san

11.48 MILES

It's a steep one-hour climb, with more than 900 steps, to reach the top of scenic Mani-san (469m). At its summit you'll find Chamseongdan (참성단; 10am to…

6. Korean Emigration History Museum

12.8 MILES

This museum offers interesting insights into the outbound journeys of Korean migrants, with a focus on those settling throughout the Americas. It's…

7. Wolmi Park

12.86 MILES

This large, forested park has walking trails, a replica of a traditional Korean garden, and the hilltop Wolmi Observatory, offering views across the port…

8. Wolmido


Historically notable as the site of the Incheon Landing Operations during the Korean War, today the former island of Wolmi (it was joined to the mainland…