Ganghwa History Museum

Gyeonggi-do & Incheon

Covering 5000 years of the island’s history, the exhibits at this imaginative museum start with Ganghwa's ancient (and Unesco-listed) dolmen sites and continue up to the US Navy attack on the island in 1871.

Your ticket also gets you into the Ganghwa Natural History Museum next door, an ambitious little place containing a sperm-whale skeleton and some competent taxidermy. Both are a 20-minute bus ride from Ganghwa bus terminal.

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1. Ganghwa Dolmen Park

0.06 MILES

Skip across this grassy field beside Ganghwa History Museum to marvel at Bugeun-ri Dolmen (부근리 고인돌), a trio of giant stones hefted into a megalithic tomb …

2. West Gate

2.86 MILES

A reconstruction of the old Joseon dynasty-era gate to Goryeogungji Palace just beside the modern road. A water gate crosses the stream just to the south…

3. Goryeogungji Palace


The partially restored remains of a small palace, dating back to the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), sit on a hillside in Ganghwa-eup. The palace was completed…

4. Ganghwa Peace Observatory

3.67 MILES

This multiplex observatory just 2km from North Korea offers prime views into the 'hermit kingdom'. Through binoculars (₩500 for two minutes) you can spy…

5. Gapgot Dondae

5.22 MILES

This fortress and observation post was one of several built along the coast to guard the Ganghwa strait here during the 13th century at the time of the…

6. Bomun-sa

8.66 MILES

Situated high in the pine-forested hills of the west-coast island of Seongmodo, this temple has some superbly ornate painting on the eaves of its…

7. Jeondeung-sa

10.14 MILES

This temple in Ganghwado’s southeast commands a forested hilltop setting within the walls of Samrangseong Fortress. A free vegetarian lunch is served from…

8. Mani-san

10.87 MILES

It's a steep one-hour climb, with more than 900 steps, to reach the top of scenic Mani-san (469m). At its summit you'll find Chamseongdan (참성단; 10am to…