Gyeonggi-do & Incheon

This 150m-tall Songdo landmark has sensational 360° views from its IFEZ Observatory on the 33rd floor. From here you can see just how many empty city blocks there are left to fill, as glossy propaganda videos espouse the project's success. It's located on the north-west edge of Central Park.

If you're hungry, there's a good, usually quiet Japanese restaurant a floor down from the observation deck. Handily, G-Tower's lobby has ATMs and a convenience store.

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Nearby Gyeonggi-do & Incheon attractions

1. Tri-bowl

0.18 MILES

Songdo’s most futuristic piece of architecture, the photogenic Tri-bowl is part urban sculpture, part exhibition hall, and occasionally hosts concert…

2. Incheon Urban History Museum


To get an idea of Songdo's master plan, drop by this multilevel display centre with scale models and exhibitions showing how the surrounding area has been…

3. Central Park

0.36 MILES

Overlooked by Songdo's skyscrapers, Central Park mimics its New York namesake in miniature, with walking paths and a boating lake. The centrepiece of…

5. Incheon Metropolitan City Museum

1.98 MILES

The city’s main museum offers an excellent collection of celadon pottery and some interesting historical displays dating from the Three Kingdoms. It's…

6. Incheon Fish Market

4.25 MILES

This large fish and seafood market has row upon row of vendors hawking every kind of edible sea beast, which can be consumed right here at several small…

7. Incheon Art Platform


This attractive complex of 1930s and ‘40s brick warehouses was turned over to the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, which has created gallery…

8. Wolmi Observatory


Looking like an air traffic control tower atop Wolmi Park, the Wolmi Observatory is worth the short, uphill hike to enjoy 360° views of Incheon and beyond…