Wolmi Observatory


Looking like an air traffic control tower atop Wolmi Park, the Wolmi Observatory is worth the short, uphill hike to enjoy 360° views of Incheon and beyond. The cafe here is a good spot for a break.

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Nearby Incheon attractions

1. Wolmido

0.15 MILES

Historically notable as the site of the Incheon Landing Operations during the Korean War, today the former island of Wolmi (it was joined to the mainland…

2. Wolmi Park

0.22 MILES

This large, forested park has walking trails, a replica of a traditional Korean garden, and the hilltop Wolmi Observatory, offering views across the port…

3. Korean Emigration History Museum

0.24 MILES

This museum offers interesting insights into the outbound journeys of Korean migrants, with a focus on those settling throughout the Americas. It's…

4. Jajangmyeon Museum

0.78 MILES

Housed in a building dating to 1907, this imaginative museum celebrates the origins of the much-loved noodle dish jajangmyeon, thought to be adapted from…

5. Incheon Art Platform

0.84 MILES

This attractive complex of 1930s and ‘40s brick warehouses was turned over to the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, which has created gallery…

6. Daebul Hotel

0.85 MILES

Dubbed the 'first western hotel in Korea', this three-storey brick building is a recreation of an old merchants hotel that stood on this spot from 1888 to…

7. Incheon Open Port Museum

0.87 MILES

Built in 1897, this is one of three former Japanese banks along the same street. Exhibitions within present the history of Incheon's Open Port area since…

8. Modern Architecture Museum


Housed within a former concession-era Japanese bank, this museum examines the historic diversity of the Open Port area's architecture – modernist, gothic,…