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A wicked seductress, Praslin has lots of temptations: stylish lodgings, tangled velvet jungle that's ripe for exploration, curving hills dropping down to gin-clear seas, gorgeous stretches of silky sand edged with palm trees and a slow-motion ambience. No, you're not dreaming – this is the Seychelles you dreamed of when you first imagined this tropical archipelago.

Lying about 45km northeast of Mahé, the second-largest island in the Seychelles is closer to the sleepiness of La Digue than the relative hustle and bustle of Mahé. Like Mahé, Praslin is a granite island, with a ridge of small mountains running east–west along the centre, and the svelte interior, especially the Vallée de Mai, is fascinating for its flora and birdlife. Its combination of manageable size (you’re never more than an hour's drive from anywhere else on the island) and gorgeous beaches makes Praslin a fine choice for your Seychelles holiday.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Praslin.