Beau Vallon Beach

Top choice in Mahé

A beautiful semi-circle of sand backed by palms and takamaka trees, Beau Vallon beach is Mahé's most popular. The swimming is excellent, but there can be strong waves from June to November. For day visitors, beach bed rental costs Rs 75/150/225 per one/two/four hours, or Rs 325 per day.

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1. Kaz Zanana

1.55 MILES

This gallery, in a traditional Creole wooden structure built in 1915 and restored in the 1980s, exhibits the work of George Camille, one of the Seychelles…

2. Domus

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The extravagant facade of the building immediately west of the cathedral belongs to the Domus – built in 1934 as a residence for Swiss missionaries, it's…

3. Sri Navasakthi Vinyagar Temple

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6. Anglican Church

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Taking pride of place in the centre of town is the simple Anglican church, with its renovated facade and elegant tower.

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