Franciscan Church


Construction of this richly decorated baroque church was begun in 1674 and completed only in 1757. Highlights are its magnificent frescoes, including those in the chancel and in the main nave, which portray scenes from the life of St Francis. Stalls in the presbytery bear sculptures of dragons. The Chapel of the Virgin Mary in the left transept has a carved oak altar and a diminutive but beautiful picture of the Virgin Mary, framed by silver.

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1. Castle

0.04 MILES

Originally constructed in 1249 and destroyed in WWII, this impressively rebuilt structure today houses the Museum of Applied Arts.

2. Museum of Applied Arts

0.05 MILES

Housed within Poznań’s castle (which looks more like a palace), this museum’s collection includes furniture, gold and silverware, glass, ceramics, weapons…

3. National Museum

0.07 MILES

This museum houses an extensive collection of Polish and European art displayed across numerous rooms. Polish painting of the last two centuries is…

5. Wielkopolska Military Museum


Showcases arms from Poland’s many conflicts, dating from the 11th century to the present. Upstairs (exhibit 3) is a rare 16th-century rapier from Milan.

6. Town Hall

0.12 MILES

Poznań’s Renaissance town hall, topped with a 61m-high tower, instantly attracts attention. Its graceful form replaced a 13th-century Gothic structure,…

7. Fish Sellers’ Houses

0.13 MILES

South of the town hall is this endearing row of small arcaded buildings. They were built in the 16th century on the site of fish stalls and later…

8. Historical Museum of Poznań

0.13 MILES

This museum in Poznań's town hall displays an interesting exhibition on the city's history in splendid interiors. The richly ornamented Renaissance Hall…