Fish Sellers’ Houses


South of the town hall is this endearing row of small arcaded buildings. They were built in the 16th century on the site of fish stalls and later reconstructed after major WWII damage.

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Nearby Poznań attractions

1. Wielkopolska Military Museum

0.02 MILES

Showcases arms from Poland’s many conflicts, dating from the 11th century to the present. Upstairs (exhibit 3) is a rare 16th-century rapier from Milan.

2. Museum of Musical Instruments

0.02 MILES

When we last visited, this museum was undergoing restoration and scheduled to reopen in August 2019. Based on past exhibits, you can expect hundreds of…

3. Historical Museum of Poznań

0.03 MILES

This museum in Poznań's town hall displays an interesting exhibition on the city's history in splendid interiors. The richly ornamented Renaissance Hall…

4. Town Hall

0.03 MILES

Poznań’s Renaissance town hall, topped with a 61m-high tower, instantly attracts attention. Its graceful form replaced a 13th-century Gothic structure,…

6. Croissant Museum

0.05 MILES

Located in a historic townhouse on the main square, this institution is devoted to the sweet St Martin's croissants peculiar to Poznań. In four sessions…

7. Archaeological Museum

0.05 MILES

Located off the southeastern corner of the Rynek, inside the 16th-century Górka Palace. Before going in, stop and have a look at the fine Renaissance…

8. Górka Palace

0.07 MILES

This grand 16th-century structure contains the Archaeological Museum, with a particularly impressive Renaissance doorway on the eastern facade.