Museum of the Origins of the Polish State

Top choice in Wielkopolska

On the western side of Lake Jelonek, this museum illustrates Gniezno's pivotal role in Polish history. The permanent collection contains archaeological finds and works of art related to the development of the Polish nation, from pre-Slavic times to the end of the Piast dynasty. Admission includes a multilingual 3D film about Poland under the Piasts. An interesting feature of the museum is how it tells a narrative over time through clever use of its exhibits.

There's a timeline, and a selection of historicist oil paintings from the 19th century depicts the various people and events during the Piast reign, starting from the beginnings of the dynasty and culminating in Leopold Loeffler's painting of Kazimierz III Wielki (Casimir the Great), who was the last Piast. Throw in some weapons, treasures and beautifully illustrated rare books and you get a varied and interesting museum on Polish history.