Archdiocesan Museum


North of the cathedral, behind St George's Church, this museum holds a collection of sacred sculptures and paintings, liturgical fabrics, coffin portraits and votive offerings.

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1. St George's Church

0.03 MILES

This church was rebuilt in the 18th century and remodelled in baroque style.

2. Gniezno Cathedral

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Gniezno’s history and character are inextricably intertwined with its cathedral, an imposing, double-towered brick Gothic structure. The present church…

3. Franciscan Church

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Place of worship, usually open during the daytime, featuring both a Gothic tower erected in the 15th century and a baroque facade dating from the late…

4. Parish Church

0.22 MILES

Gothic church completed in 1430 and rebuilt after fire ravaged it in 1613. It is surrounded with a wall that was once part of medieval fortifications.

6. St Nicholas' Church

17.38 MILES

This 17th-century wooden structure is an unusual mix of architectural styles: Gothic, baroque, neoclassical and more modern additions. When the church was…

7. Biskupin Archaeological Reserve

18.34 MILES

Biskupin’s re-created Iron Age town site, with its wooden palisades, thatched roofs and costumed historical re-enactors, is a stimulating way to learn…

8. Wenecja Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

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A showcase of narrow little engines, carriages and associated memorabilia. Across the rails from the museum are the ruins of a 14th-century castle. The…