Inside Wilanów Park, the Orangery sometimes acts as an art gallery for temporary exhibitions.

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1. Wilanów Park

0.08 MILES

This splendid 45-hectare park adjoins Wilanów Palace and contains a variety of landscaping. The central part comprises a manicured, two-level baroque…

2. Wilanów Palace

0.09 MILES

Warsaw’s top palace, 10km south of the city centre, was commissioned by King Jan III Sobieski in 1677. It has changed hands several times over the…

3. St Anne's Church

0.09 MILES

A church has stood on this spot since the 14th century, but the neo-rennaissance St Anne's you see today dates to 1870. The tombs of the Potocki and…

4. Poster Museum

0.18 MILES

Polish poster art is outstanding and this museum's collection numbers over 36,000, with an additional 26,000 artistic, advertising and propaganda prints…

5. Temple of Divine Providence

0.91 MILES

Opened in 2016, this monumental building, with a dome reminiscent of an enormous lemon squeezer, makes a bold contemporary statement. Its brutalist…

6. Królikarnia

3.04 MILES

A serene escape from the city is this park and Palladian palace (known as the 'Rabbit House') that showcases the National Museum's collection of works by…

7. Museum of Hunting & Horsemanship

3.96 MILES

The museum's collection is split across two park buildings dating from the 1820s. The Cantonists' Barracks features natural-history-style displays of…

8. Amphitheatre

3.99 MILES

Łazienki Park's mock-ruined amphitheatre was built in 1790 and is modelled on the Roman open-air theatre at Herculaneum, Italy. The stage, set on an islet…