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Ditch the Rainbow Mountain crowds on this Peruvian hike

4 min readPublished Feb 7, 2020

Peru's Rainbow Mountains are stunning. But there's always a crowd. For a bit more elbow room and comparable views trek through the Ausangate Mountains.

A woman in a red and black jacket extends her arms as she looks over a vast mountain landscape.

Spending Diary: 6 days in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley

9 min readPublished Jan 8, 2020

Travelling couple Doug and Ann-Marie are currently venturing through parts of Peru, Bolivia and Chile for two months.

Spending Diary: 6 days in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley

Inti Raymi: South America's Inca solstice celebration

3 min readPublished May 22, 2019

The solstices hold spiritual and religious meaning in societies around the world, and many of our modern day solstice celebrations have long historical…

Cuzco's Inti Raymi celebration is the biggest in South America © 
HUGHES Hervé / hemis.fr / Getty Images
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Offbeat adventures in Cuzco and Peru’s Sacred Valley

4 min readPublished Feb 18, 2019

Cuzco and the Sacred Valley are no travel secrets – iconic Inca ruins dot the region and world-class hikes wind through its hills, drawing people from all…

Get off the beaten track in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley © Bailey Freeman / Lonely Planet
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The long road to Machu Picchu for Inca Trail porters

5 min readPublished Oct 30, 2018

The Inca Trail is one of the most famous treks in the world, hosting thousands of hikers each year looking to experience the historic path that stretches…

It has been industry standard for porters not to get to see Machu picchu. Let's change that © Bailey Freeman / Lonely Planet