Bait Al Safah

Top choice in Al Hamra

This quirky museum is more open house than historical display. Three ladies accompany guests around their traditional house in the aged and crumbling village of Al Hamra. They demonstrate the culinary arts of juniper-oil production, Omani bread-making and coffee-bean grinding, and there's an opportunity for a photo shoot in traditional regional costume. Sitting cross-legged in the majlis (reception room), surrounded by photos of local sheikhs, sampling coffee and dates, and exchanging sign language with the ladies is an experience not to be missed.

The museum is in the old part of Al Hamra. Park by the roundabout at the western end of town and walk along the street past the historic old Yemeni-style buildings. The ladies will spot you before you see them in the interior gloom of the downstairs entrance.

At the time of writing, bread-making courses were being planned and local women were about to take up their traditional crafts in the cool basement of this newly extended, 400-year-old building.

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