Safranerie de l'Ourika

Ourika Valley

Almost anything thrives in Ourika’s rich soil, including saffron, organically grown here from bulbs that are cultivated near Talouine. Saffron is a high-maintenance plant, with flowers harvested before dawn for maximum potency. Guided tours of the several-hectare fruit and saffron orchards are given by staff who reiterate key points on explanatory placards.

Tours end with a complimentary tea (a mixture of herbs grown in the garden) and a soft-sell of Safranerie saffron and estate-grown herbal teas (around Dh100). You can also watch the harvest take place during the first three weeks of November, although you'll need to arrange it in advance and get here by around 5am.

To get here look for the poorly signed turnoff about 700m west of the bridge, opposite a pharmacy.