Grand Théâtre de Rabat


Still under construction at the time of research, but set to open in 2021, this space-age structure by the Bou Regreg River was designed by the late, great Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. It’s part of the King Mohammed V's national programme of cultural development, and will hold a 7000-seat theatre, an experimental performance space and a restaurant seating 350 people once complete.

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1. Mausoleum of Mohammed V

0.42 MILES

The present king’s father (the late Hassan II) and grandfather were laid to rest in this marble mausoleum, which is decorated with exquisite examples of…

2. Tour Hassan

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Rabat's must-see sight – along with the neighbouring mausoleum – this iconic tower looms 44m above the Bou Regreg estuary. It was originally part of an…

3. Le Quai Des Créateurs

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Set on the banks of the Bou Regreg River, this low cubist structure hosts pop-up retail space for Moroccan designers, jewellers and artists. East along…

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5. Souq El Ghezel

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This large, tree-shaded square makes an interesting stop on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when women run an auction and employ men to show off the goods…

6. Souq El Merzouk

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Textiles, basketwork and jewellery are crafted and sold in this souq. Also on sale are the woven grass mats used in mosques, for which Salé is famous.

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Recently restored, this covered souq at the eastern end of Rue Souika specialises in jewellery, rugs and leather goods, and is the only part of the medina…

8. Souq El Kebir

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In the medina's main souq, hole-in-the-wall emporiums sell household goods, leather and wood. The spice souq is nearby, where you can pick up mounds of…