Souq As Sebbat


Recently restored, this covered souq at the eastern end of Rue Souika specialises in jewellery, rugs and leather goods, and is the only part of the medina specifically geared towards tourists.

It runs between the Grande Mosquée de Rabat Medina and the Bab El Bahr (Sea Gate), crossing the Rue des Consuls.

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1. Grande Mosquée de Rabat Medina


This mosque, a 14th-century Merinid original much rebuilt in the intervening years, is located just off the Souq As Sebbat. It is closed to non-Muslims.

2. Rabat Medina

0.17 MILES

When the French arrived in the early 20th century, this walled medina by the sea was the full extent of the city. Built on an orderly grid in the 17th…

3. Andalusian Gardens

0.27 MILES

These gardens, laid out by the French during the colonial period, are located within the Kasbah des Oudaias. Full of citrus trees, lofty palms and vibrant…

4. Kasbah des Oudaias

0.36 MILES

Rabat's historic citadel occupies the site of the original ribat (fortress-monastery) that gave the city its name. Predominately residential, its narrow…

5. Bab Oudaia

0.36 MILES

The most dramatic entry to the kasbah is through the enormous Almohad gate of Bab Oudaia, built in 1195. Its location, facing the heart of the city and…

6. Le Quai Des Créateurs

0.37 MILES

Set on the banks of the Bou Regreg River, this low cubist structure hosts pop-up retail space for Moroccan designers, jewellers and artists. East along…

7. Mosque El Atiqa

0.39 MILES

This small mosque is Rabat's oldest. It was built in the 10th century and restored in the 18th with funds donated by an English pirate known as Ahmed El…

8. Plateforme du Sémaphore

0.45 MILES

This plaza at the highest point of the Kasbah Les Oudaias offers wonderful views over the estuary and across to Salé. The elevated position once provided…