Menara Gardens

Gueliz & Ville Nouvelle

Local lore tells of a sultan who seduced guests over dinner and then lovingly chucked them in the Menara’s reflecting pools to drown. Nowadays dunking seems the furthest thing from the minds of couples canoodling around the manmade lagoon, or families picnicking amid these royal olive groves. It's arguably Marrakesh's most attractive green space, with its 19th-century pavilion and reflecting pool set against the Atlas Mountains backdrop. Note that climbing the small pavilion is not worth the hefty entrance fee.

Taxis will try to charge the earth to get here from the medina, but it shouldn't cost more than Dh20. Buses (Dh4) that run to Menara Gardens include the 18 from Bab Doukkala and 11 from La Mamounia.

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