Cyber parc, Medina.

Cyber Parc

Gueliz & Ville Nouvelle

Stop and smell the roses at this 8-hectare royal garden, dating from the 18th century. It now offers free wi-fi at various outdoor hotspots, which draw a steady stream of locals – hence the park's less-than-regal name. At the southern entrance there's a small museum about the history of telecommunications in Morocco, run by Maroc Telecom.

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1. Koutoubia Mosque


Five times a day, one voice rises above the din of Djemaa El Fna as the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer from the Koutoubia Mosque. The mosque's…

2. Riad Kniza Musée & Galerie

0.42 MILES

This private museum has been a labour of love for owner Mohammed, who used to run the respected Al Badii antique shop in Gueliz. When his family closed…

3. Koutoubia Gardens

0.45 MILES

Stretching out behind the Koutoubia Mosque, this palm-tree-dotted swath of greenery is a favourite Marrakshi spot for strolling, relaxing on park benches…

4. Dar El Bacha

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5. Mouassine Fountain

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Roll up, roll up for the greatest show on earth. Everywhere you look in Djemaa El Fna, Marrakesh’s main square (pronounced "jema" – the "d" is silent),…

7. Musée de Mouassine

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While house-hunting in the medina, Parisian Patrick Menac'h stumbled across a historic treasure of great cultural significance. Beneath the layers of…

8. Funduq El Amri

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