Dar Si Said

Top choice museum in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

A monument to Moroccan mâalems (master artisans), the residence of Bou Ahmed's brother Si Said is home to the Museum of Moroccan Arts. On display is a collection of granary doors, Tuareg leather bags, ceramics, embroidery, carpets, weaponry, and Berber jewellery within its salons. The highlight of a visit here is the spectacular painted and domed wedding-reception chamber flanked by flower-painted musicians' balconies; it's credited to artisans from Fez.

In the wedding-reception chamber don't miss the Dar Si Said's most delightful artefact: the pint-sized wooden palanquins which once held babies on a Ferris wheel for infants, worked by a hand-cranked axis.