Heritage Museum


The Alouani Bibi family have thrown open the doors of this old riad to display their eclectic and fascinating collection of Moroccan artefacts. From Berber costumes and jewellery to minbars (mosque pulpits) and Roman amphorae, the exhibits (mostly labelled in English and French) cover the arc of Moroccan history and culture. The rooftop cafe is a tranquil spot amid the souq hustle.

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1. Rahba Kedima

0.06 MILES

The French name, Place des Épices, for this hopping little plaza derives from its high concentration of apothecaries who sell mysterious supplies to…

2. Creiee Berbere

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On the north side of Rahba Kedima, look for the archway with 'Le Souk Principal de Tapis' written above the door. Inside it's packed to the rafters with…

3. Musée Boucharouite


Berber boucharouites (rag rugs made from recycled cloth) may be a poor cousin to the famous jewel-toned Moroccan carpets, but this beautifully collated…

4. Musée de Mouassine

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While house-hunting in the medina, Parisian Patrick Menac'h stumbled across a historic treasure of great cultural significance. Beneath the layers of…

5. Mouassine Fountain

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The medina had 80 fountains at the start of the 20th century; each neighbourhood had its own, providing water for cooking, public baths, orchards and…

6. Souq des Teinturiers


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7. Almoravid Koubba

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The Almohads destroyed almost everything their Almoravid predecessors built in Marrakesh but overlooked this graceful 12th-century koubba (shrine) across…

8. Musée de Marrakech

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The Musée de Marrakech exhibits a collection of Moroccan art forms within the decadent salons of the Mnebhi Palace. The central internal courtyard, with…