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$99 Private & Custom Tours

Private tour to Las Coloradas Rio Lagartos

You will be picked up from your hotel early in the morning (approx. 6 am) and head directly to Rio Lagartos. We will have breakfast before taking our private boat to do the tour of the Rio Lagartos lagoon - National Park. This tour is ideal for birdwatching and encounter with crocodiles if lucky enough! Then we will stop by Las Coloradas to observe the pink lagoons and we will finish the tour with a leisurely lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Finally, you will be taken back to your hotel around 4/5pm.NB: it is not allowed to swim in las Coloradas as it is a private property and it could hurt your skin.

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6-Day Diverse Yucatan Tour(multiday)

Day2: Cancún - Riviera Maya - Rio Lagartos - Las Coloradas beach - Chichén Itzá It is a habitat for the largest flock of flamingos in Mexico. In addition, we have identified 395 different bird species in ría Lagartos biosphere reserve, boat ride (2-2:30 hrs in duration) for the mangroves on the estuary of the reserve to observe flamingos, other species of birds and crocodiles. This trip also includes visits to areas of food, Mayan bath (white mud) and a dip at the beach, After lunch we'll continue towards Las Coloradas Beach, known for its concentration of salt and microorganisms make the waters of here wrinkles a peculiar pink tone giving visitors a great show Chichén Itzá. Discover this magical place hidden in the jungle where you can view the stunning pyramid of Kukulkan. Day3:Chichen itza – X-Cajum Cenote – Izamal – Merida  We'll explore this historical sanctuary, home to Mayan and Toltec architecture, well before the tourist crowds arrive,Among its most important buildings include: the Pyramid of Kukulkan, the ball game stadium, the observatory, the convent of the nuns and the cenote. Next we'll continue to the Mayan Village of Izamal, also known as "the city of the three cultures", since it combines the traits of its pre-Hispanic past, the colonial period and the current era. From here we'll journey to Merida, the capital of Yucatan, to enjoy a tour of the historic center. Explore the Paseo de Montejo, where you will find a series of beautiful villas and palaces built by planters in the 19th century Day4:Mérida - Uxmal - Sotuta de Peón.Uxmal and visit this impressive archaeological site, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.We will enjoy this wonderful hacienda built at the end of the 19th century in Tecoh, Yucatán, where the system can still be manufactured and the production process explained,The tour ends with a ride in a cart, a mule crossing the sisal plantations followed by a swim in a cenote.  Day5:Sotuta de Peón - Valladolid - Cancún, Valladolid magical town founded in 1543, which was the first city conquered by the Spaniards. We'll take a tour of the town and visit the Casa de Los Venados (Mexican folk art museum).

$2900 Multi-day & Extended Tours

6 Days of Diverse Yucatán Tour

Day 1: Transfer from the Cancun International Airport to the hotel. Overnight. Day 2: Cancún - Riviera Maya - Rio Lagartos - Las Coloradas beach - Chichén Itzá: We will start with this adventure with a visit Rio Lagartos,Mayan bath (white mud).After lunch we'll continue towards Las Coloradas Beach, Lastly, we'll head to our hotel near Chichén Itzá. Day 3: Chichen itza - X-Cajum Cenote - Izamal - Merida: This day we start at 09:00am in an enigmatic place full of culture, one of the most important archaeological sites of the Mayans. Day 4: Mérida - Uxmal - Sotuta de Peón: We'll have an early departure today as we travel to Uxmal and visit this impressive archaeological site. We'll continue on our way to Hacienda Sotuta de Peón. Day 5: Sotuta de Peón - Valladolid - Cancún: Departure at 8:00am to Cancún.On the way we will make a stop in the picturesque city of Valladolid. Day 6: Cancun Departure

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5 Days of Pink, Green and Blue Yucatecas

Day 1: Arrival: We will pick you up at the airport and leave for the village of Ek Balam. They will be installed in the cabins of a charming Ecotourism Center that has solar energy, to go to the Cenote Xcanché. To get to this beautiful cenote, you will travel a 1.5 kilometer Sacbe, choosing one of the 3 options: in a fun BiciTaxi, riding a bike, or walking for 15 minutes Day 2: Ek Balam - San Felipe - Rio Lagartos: After breakfast, we will move to San Felipe, a small fishing village with charming typical painted wooden houses of multiple colors, which in the pre-Hispanic era, was the mythical place for commercial exchanges among the Mayans. From the tourist hostel we will take our boat and visit the Kambulnah water eye, which we will descend by a wonderful wooden bridge of 320 meters, on which we will walk through nature seeing its four different types of mangroves (gray mangrove , black, white and red). Later, we will head towards Isla Cerritos, a small walled island that was discovered and later populated by the family of an ancient prince of Ek Balam.  Day 3: Rio Lagartos - Biosphere Reserve - Valladolid: After our breakfast, we will take another boat from the Lagartos River boardwalk to enter the Biosphere Reserve, a Protected Natural Area where the greatest biological diversity and the ecosystems with the best state of conservation of the Yucatan Peninsula are concentrated. In this wonderful tour you will see a great diversity of birds, until you get to see the flamingos, which reproduce in great quantity, in such a way that the pink of their plumage contrasts with green foliage in the background. It is a truly beautiful picture! You can see the pink pond, a lagoon that is tinged with different shades of this color, due to the membrane of a halobacterium. In the return, you can take a Mayan bath, an ancient Mayan tradition for skin care, with the natural white mud with salt that it contains. You will rinse yourself in clear water, and you will be as good as new. We will go to Valladolid and we will have the afternoon free to enjoy this charming city. Day 4: Valladolid - Cenotes Route: After enjoying the delicious and healthy breakfast of our hotel, we will put on our swimsuit and go out to explore the wonderful cenotes of Yucatan, with its crystal waters Cenotes available: Zaci in the center of Valladolid, Dzitnup (2 cenotes) which are called X'Kekén and Samulá, 2 km southeast of the city. They will return to the hotel to change, go out to dinner and rest. Day 5: Departure: You will be transferred to the Cancun airport to take your flight.

$129 Private & Custom Tours

Rio Lagartos Flamingo Biosphere (Private Tour)

This tour visits the natural reserve of Rio Lagartos and the archaeological site of Ek Balam, making for an excellent combination of archaeology and nature in a single day.Río Lagartos is within the Biosphere Special Reserve on the northern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico. It is famous for its enormous flamingo colony and large variety of flora and fauna. The largest American flamingo population in Mexico, around 44,000 of them can be found here.Enjoy the boat ride through the wetlands, the guide will point out and identify the fauna that can be found on our way to spot the flamingos. Once we get to where they gather you will see how they are such incredible and beautiful birds, watching them run on top of the water as they take off. After watching the flamingos we’ll take the boat to the salt pond, with it’s high density of salt you’ll float so much easier than in regular seawater making for a novel experience.After the dip in the salt pond we’ll head to the Mayan Mud Bad. In Rio Lagartos we find a particular white mud with a high concentration of minerals that is really good for your skin, so it’s recommended you dip yourself in the mud and cover your whole body and face in it… or you can also do it just for the fun of it! Then we’ll ride the boat to a water spring or a close beach to wash the mud off!After that we’ll have a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and on our way to Ek-Balam we will go through some old fashioned Mayan Villages where you’ll see how the locals live.Ek Balam is one of the new jewels of Mayan archaeology, with recently discovered well-preserved stucco sculptures over 1200 years old which you witness up close by climbing the Acropolis, a nearly 100 ft. tall temple. It was considered a sacred city ruled by a living god and you can see and touch many of the temples and ruins in this wonderful ancient testament of the Mayans.A tour through the site will tell you all the history of the place and it’s buildings. An incredible experience for all ages, come experience the jungles, waters and ancient Mayan sites with us!

$149 Day Trips & Excursions

Las Coloradas

Get ready to embark on a journey that will take you to see locations from other eras and what seemed like another world. We will take you to breakfast at an authentic 16th century hacienda and you will be able to see genuine pieces from that century. Later we will visit a wonder of nature, hidden in the coasts of Yucatan called "LAS COLORADAS", is a set of lagoons where its high concentration of salt and microscopic algae, give different tonalities, ranging from yellow, through orange and reaching the pink tone! These tones together with their white mounds, products of the salt industry, make the visitor feel that he is immersed in a dream. We will continue our tour by boat through the mangrove area, where we will observe a great diversity of birds that nest in the area, including on some occasions the Flamingo. Before finishing the tour, we will eat in a small fishing village with an unbeatable view of the Rio Lagartos lagoon.