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Nevado de Toluca

Among the highest peaks in the region, the long-extinct volcano Nevado de Toluca (also known as Xinantécatl) is Mexico’s fourth-tallest peak. Nevado has two summits on the crater rim, each worth hiking for magnificent views across two snow-fringed crater lakes – Sol and Luna. The lower summit, Pico del Aguila (4620m), is closer to the parking area and is the more common day hike. The main or highest summit is called Pico del Fraile (4704m) and requires an additional three to four hours of hike time.

In 2013 the Mexican government redesignated the national park a zona protegida (protected area), legalising and legitimising the unregulated mining activity that had been going on there. Most people still continue to call it a national park.

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