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Plaza Garibaldi

Centro Histórico

Every night the city’s mariachi bands belt out heartfelt ballads in this festive square. Wearing silver-studded outfits, they toot their trumpets and tune their guitars until approached by someone who’ll pay for a song. Also roaming Garibaldi are white-clad son jarocho groups, hailing from Veracruz, and norteño combos, who bang out northern-style folk tunes. The notoriously seedy Garibaldi continues to undergo a makeover that includes heightened security, but caution is still sensible. Check restaurant bills and avoid withdrawing money from the ATMs here.

The latest addition to the plaza is the Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal, which has exhibits explaining the origins and production processes of Mexico’s two most popular distilled agave drinks.

Metrobús línea 7 runs along Reforma from Chapultepec and El Ángel, passing here at the 'Plaza Garibaldi' stop.

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1. Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal

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This museum on Plaza Garibaldi has exhibits explaining the origins and production process of Mexico’s two most popular distilled agave drinks. The tour…

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Philatelists can ogle a design of Mexico's first stamp and other relics in the 1st-floor postal museum at Mexico City's main post office.

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