Museo Memoria y Tolerancia

Alameda Central

A mazelike, unique museum of 55 halls dedicated to preserving the memory of genocide victims. The multimedia exhibit chronicles crimes committed against humanity in Cambodia, Guatemala, Sudan, Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, as well as those perpetrated during the Holocaust. Recent temporary exhibitions have focused on migration, misogyny, LGBT+ identity, and Chinese genocide in Mexico. Permanent exhibitions educate on all these themes.

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1. Plaza Juárez

0.03 MILES

Representing the new face of the Alameda zone, the row of chain restaurants, bars, stores and a Hilton hotel facing the park resembles an outdoor shopping…

2. Hemiciclo a Juárez

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A large white semi-circular monument to Benito Juárez on one edge of Alameda Central. It's a popular photo spot for people in graduation or bridal garb –…

3. Museo de Arte Popular


A major showcase for folk art, this is a colorful museum that even kids love. Crafts are thematically displayed from all over Mexico, including carnival…

4. Alameda Central

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Created in the late 1500s by mandate of then-viceroy Luis de Velasco, the Alameda took its name from the álamos (poplars) planted over its rectangular…

5. Museo Mural Diego Rivera


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Originally constructed in 1586, this church was rebuilt in the 18th century and now houses the Museo Franz Mayer. It features two doors in Mexican baroque…

8. Museo Franz Mayer

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This museum is the fruit of the efforts of German-born Franz Mayer. Prospering as a financier in his adopted Mexico, Mayer amassed the collection of…