Explanada de los Héroes


Explanada de los Héroes has statues of Mexican national heroes in each corner. It's the most formal and traditional of the spaces in the Macroplaza and has the 1908 neoclassical Palacio de Gobierno on its north side.

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1. Museo del Palacio

0.07 MILES

Sister to the Museo de Historia Mexicana and Museo del Noreste, this small museum in the Palacio de Gobierno focuses on the history of the state of Nuevo…

2. Palacio de Gobierno

0.07 MILES

Inaugurated in 1908, the stunning neoclassical Palacio de Gobernio is the longtime seat of state politics. Located on the Macroplaza, It's also home to…

3. Parque Hundido


Public square, forum for art, garden and green spaces all fuse to form Monterrey's unique Parque Hundido.

4. Plaza 400 Años

0.11 MILES

This plaza, graced with fountains and pools, forms an impressive approach to the sleek, modernist Museo de Historia Mexicana and the Museo del Noreste. It…

5. Biblioteca Central

0.12 MILES

Monterrey's modernist central library is an architectural landmark along the Macroplaza, bringing to mind a reimagined Roman stadium. It hosts lectures…

6. Antiguo Palacio Federal

0.13 MILES

Overlooking little Plaza Cinco de Mayo is the grand facade of the 1928 Antiguo Palacio Federal, an art deco beauty that was once the tallest building in…

7. Paseo Santa Lucía

0.15 MILES

The stunning 2.3km promenade of Paseo Santa Lucía is a world-class example of urban regeneration. This (artificial) river forms a turquoise ribbon through…

8. Museo de Historia Mexicana

0.15 MILES

This sleek modernist museum on the Plaza 400 Años presents an extensive but easily manageable chronological history of Mexico. In the heart of the museum…