Overlooking Monterrey, Mexico from Parque Ecológico Chipinque.

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Parque Ecológico Chipinque

Top choice in Monterrey

This stunning mountainside reserve is just 12km from downtown Monterrey. There's great hiking and mountain-biking on over 60km of well-marked trails through dense forest and up rocky peaks, including up soaring Copete de Águilas (2200m). The tiny visitor center has snacks and permits for those heading to the summits.

Mountain bike rentals (M$200 per hour) and three-hour bike excursions (M$650 per person, including bike) can also be arranged at the kiosk behind the visitor center.

A taxi from downtown costs about M$150 (more if you want a lift to the higher trails); ask the driver to return at an agreed-upon time to be sure you have a ride back to town. If self-driving, you'll pay M$65 if only going to the visitor centre; it costs M$125 to drive further uphill to the more scenic trails and lookouts.

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