Parque Fundidora

Park in Monterrey

Formerly a vast steel-factory complex, this once-blighted industrial zone has been transformed into a huge urban park. Designers cleverly retained the iconic smoke stacks and industrial relics to give a surreal and at times apocalyptic feel, but also a vibe very much in keeping with Monterrey’s heritage. You can jog the trails, rent bikes (from M$40 per hour), ice skate (M$100 per hour), and visit the cultural sights, of which the Horno3 museum is the undoubted star of the show.

Four other disemboweled redbrick factories comprise the Centro de las Artes, two galleries with high-class rotating exhibitions, a theater and a movie house that screens independent and foreign films.

The metro stops within a 10-minute walk of the park, but the most enjoyable way to get here is to walk or take a boat along Paseo Santa Lucía.