Futura CDMX

Centro Histórico

The star attraction at this interactive center is a 234-sq-meter scale model of Mexico City, with a projection mapping presentation in Spanish (or English upon request) that shows the capital's growth explosion since pre-Hispanic times. Some of the exhibits are unabashedly propagandist, but you can still learn much about the city and how it sizes up to others.

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1. Templo de San Francisco

0.41 MILES

The Templo de San Francisco is a remnant of the vast Franciscan monastery erected in the early 16th century over the site of Moctezuma’s private zoo. The…

2. Museo del Calzado El Borceguí

0.42 MILES

At this shoe museum – and the oldest shoemaker in Mexico, operating since 1865 – there are over 2000 pieces of footwear on show, many from famous feet…

3. Palacio de Iturbide

0.44 MILES

Built for colonial nobility, in 1821 this became the residence of General Agustín Iturbide, a Mexican independence hero who was proclaimed emperor here in…

4. Torre Latinoamericana

0.45 MILES

The Torre Latinoamericana was Latin America’s tallest building when constructed in 1956, and remains the dominant focal point of Centro Histórico. It's an…

5. Avenida Madero

0.47 MILES

This stately pedestrianized shopping avenue west of the Zócalo, linking Bellas Artes and the Zócalo, boasts a veritable catalog of architectural styles…

6. Casa de los Azulejos

0.47 MILES

Past the pedestrian corridor Gante stands the amazing Casa de los Azulejos. Dating from 1596, it was built for the Condes (Counts) del Valle de Orizaba…

7. Museo del Estanquillo

0.47 MILES

Housed in a gorgeous neoclassical building two blocks from the Zócalo, this museum contains the vast pop-culture collection amassed over the decades by…

8. Museo de la Ciudad de México

0.51 MILES

Formerly a palace of the Counts of Santiago de Calimaya, this 18th-century baroque edifice now houses a museum with extensive exhibits focusing on the…