Plaza Juárez

Plaza in Mexico City

Representing the new face of the Alameda zone, the row of chain restaurants, bars, stores and an upmarket hotel facing the park resembles an outdoor shopping plaza. One point of difference is the slick Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, a maze-like museum dedicated to preserving the memory of genocide victims. Weekend evenings are very noisy, with bars and clubs aimed at students. On other nights it can feel a little deserted and rough.

Behind the fully restored Templo de Corpus Christi, which now holds the DF's archives, the plaza's centerpiece is a pair of Tetris-block towers by leading Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta – the 24-story Foreign Relations Secretariat and the 23-story Tribunales building front a set of 1034 reddish pyramids in a broad pool, a collaboration between Legorreta and Spanish artist Vicente Rojo.