Pointe Marin


Ste-Anne's most popular swimming beach is the long, lovely strand that stretches along the peninsula 800m north of the town center. It's backed by restaurants and bars, and though it can be quite crowded, the beach is long enough that you'll be able to find a quiet spot on most occasions.

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1. Grande Anse des Salines

2.74 MILES

A perfect arc of white sand, Grande Anse des Salines is the Caribbean you came to see. Palm trees lean over the ribbon of beach that shelves ever so…

2. Anse Michel

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The steady winds that buffet this part of the coast, together with the reef-sheltered lagoon, provide the perfect conditions for kitesurfing and…

3. Trois-Rivières Distillery

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Martinique’s oldest and best-known rum producer actually provides the worst visitor experience of all the island's distilleries. Unless you join a guided…

4. Church of St Thomas

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Le Diamant's ancient-looking church actually dates from the early 19th century. (The church it replaced had been destroyed twice in hurricanes.) It's…

5. Plage du Diamant

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6. Rocher du Diamant

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8. Maison de la Canne

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This slightly aging museum occupies the site of a sugar refinery and rum distillery, and tells the sad story of the slave trade and the sugar business…