Plage La Française


This tiny but clean beach in front of the Fort St-Louis is a popular place to cool off right in the middle of Fort-de-France. Nearby is a playground popular with kids from the yachts moored in the bay and the many iguanas who call the area home.

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Nearby Fort-de-France attractions

1. Fort St-Louis

0.04 MILES

The hulking fortress that gave the city its name lies on the far side of La Savane and dates from 1640, although most of what stands today is the result…

2. La Savane

0.13 MILES

This rectangular park at the heart of Fort-de-France was created when a mangrove swamp was drained after the city became the capital. As well as a…

4. Statue of Empress Josephine


This statue of Empress Josephine holding a locket with a portrait of Napoléon in it stands in La Savane. In the 1990s the head was lopped off and red…

5. Bibliothèque Schoelcher

0.26 MILES

Fort-de-France’s most visible landmark, the Bibliothèque Schoelcher is an elaborate, colorful building with a Byzantine dome and an interesting ornate…

6. Cathédrale St-Louis

0.27 MILES

With its neo-Byzantine style, flying buttresses and 57m steeple, the newly renovated and eye-pleasingly symmetrical Cathédrale St-Louis is one of Fort-de…

7. Palais de Justice

0.33 MILES

The Palais de Justice, a neoclassical courthouse built in 1906, is two blocks northeast of the cathedral and can only be viewed from the outside. The…

8. Marché aux Poissons

0.58 MILES

At the far end of Blvd du Général de Gaulle, this colorful and atmospheric place is best visited in the morning for the day’s fresh catch.