Taman Tugu

Lake Gardens, Brickfields & Bangsar

The first stages of this 27-hectare park have opened in recent years, with the third and final stage originally due for completion some time in 2020. It currently comprises 4km of naturally landscaped trails through lush secondary forest that includes soaring old-growth trees, rattan, oil palms and specially selected native flora. Listen out for kingfishers and magpies as well as monkeys and even civet cats that make this forest their home. Stage three will see a camp site and 3km of extra trails opened.

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1. National Monument

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2. Khazanah ILMU Bungalow

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This colonial-era mansion is the headquarters of the trust overseeing Taman Tugu. Inside, by appointment, you can view plans of how KL's newest park will…

3. KL Butterfly Park

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6. Deer Park

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7. Hibiscus Garden

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