Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Merdeka Square

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Merdeka Square

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The huge open square, where Malaysian independence was declared in 1957, is speared by a 95m flagpole, one of the world's tallest. In the British era, the square was used as a cricket pitch and called the Padang (field).

The square is surrounded by heritage buildings including the magnificent Sultan Abdul Samad Building and St Mary's Anglican Cathedral, both designed by AC Norman.

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1. Victorian Fountain

0.05 MILES

This fountain dating from 1904 is said to have been built in memory of an inspector of the Selangor Military; at one time horses would have lapped water…

2. Royal Selangor Club

0.05 MILES

Founded in 1884, this exclusive members-only social club is where the running-and-drinking club, the Hash House Harriers, kicked off in 1938. The present…

3. Sultan Abdul Samad Building

0.07 MILES

Seizing attention with its 41m clock tower, coppery domes and lacy arches, this was the first public building in Malaysia designed in the Mogul (or Indo…

4. St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral

0.09 MILES

This handsome Gothic Revival English country church was designed by government architect AC Norman and erected in 1894 on the site of an earlier wooden…

5. KL City Gallery

0.11 MILES

The former Government Printing Office of the British Malaya Administration was designed by AC Norman and J Russell and built 1898. It now houses a small…

6. Former Standard Charter Bank

0.11 MILES

One of the most handsome pieces of architecture around Merdeka Sq, this was the Standard Charter Bank when first built in 1891. It's currently closed.

7. National Textiles Museum

0.12 MILES

This excellent themed museum occupies an elegant Mogul-style building originally constructed for the railway works department. The lower floors cover the…

8. Countdown Clock

0.13 MILES

Best viewed at night when it's illuminated, this low laying black boxy structure incorporates waterfall 'curtains' that part when you stand in front of…