Muzium Gopeng


A somewhat random collection of old-fashioned housewares and vintage furniture, supplemented with displays on local history.

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Nearby Perak attractions

1. Gaharu Tea Valley


A Cameron Highlands experience in miniature, this valley grows gaharu (agarwood) for premium-priced, caffeine-free teas. It's touristy, emphasising the…

2. Gua Tempurung

4.23 MILES

If you only do one thing in Gopeng, explore the 'Coconut Cave', named for its domelike interior. The easy option is the 'Golden Flowstone' walk, a self…

3. Kellie’s Castle

5.43 MILES

Steeped in tragic legend, this monument to British eccentricity stands marooned by the highway, 5km east of Batu Gajah. Known as Kellie’s Folly, the…

4. Kek Look Tong

6.47 MILES

With a craggy cave mouth beneath a towering cliff, Kek Look Tong (1920) has the most impressive approach of all Ipoh's temples. Three Sages dominate the…

5. Sam Poh Tong

7.16 MILES

First discovered by a monk in 1890, this cavern, 5km south of Ipoh, is now a riot of religious statuary and pagoda tiles. The entrance pavilion is grand…

6. Kinta Nature Park

8.26 MILES

Tin-mining ponds surrounded by tangles of forest have turned into a home for herons, egrets and 150 different bird species. Long ignored by all but the…

7. TT5 Tin Dredge


Antique tin-dredging equipment isn't typically a tourist draw, but the TT5 Tin Dredge, 9km south of Batu Gajah, is a surprisingly interesting relic. Self…

8. Masjid Panglima Kinta

10.14 MILES

This late-19th-century mosque, attractively painted white and sky blue, is tucked away in Ipoh's new town, on the east bank of the Kinta River.