Developed in 1926 by Chinese Buddhists Chong Sen Yee and his wife, this temple (7km north of Ipoh) is popular for its mesmerising murals and panoramic views. The first staircase leads to a majestic seated Buddha (12m tall) in the main chamber. Some of the surrounding murals were painted as recently as the 1990s. Follow the staircase up and outside – after 450 steep steps you'll reach expansive views across Ipoh and its hilly beyond.

There are a few different paths up to the top of Perak Tong, but the scaffold-like structure is the most direct (and least slippery).

Buses bound for Kuala Kangsar can stop near Perak Tong on request, but it's easiest to visit by private transport.

A car-park attendant will rush out to collect a fee from drivers (RM1 or RM2).