Must-see attractions in Latvia

  • Mikhail Eisenstein's art nouveau building at 2a Alberta Iela in Riga

    Alberta Iela

    Central Rīga

    Like a huge painting that you can spend hours staring at, as your eye detects more and more intriguing details, this must-see Rīga sight is in fact a…

  • Turaida Castle, Sigulda, Gauja National Park, Vidzeme Region, Latvia

    Turaida Museum Reserve


    Turaida means ‘God’s Garden’ in ancient Livonian, and this green knoll capped with a fairy-tale castle is certainly a heavenly place. The red-brick castle…

  • Daugavpils Fortress


    This impressive riverside citadel is enjoying an ongoing renovation that's recreating its historic atmosphere. Look for the restored Nicholas Gate near…

  • St Peter's Church

    Old Rīga

    Forming the centrepiece of Rīga’s skyline, this Gothic church is thought to be around 800 years old, making it one of the oldest medieval buildings in the…

  • Sigulda Castle Complex


    The city of Sigulda has done a fine job developing the historic buildings at its core into one unmissable complex. The highlight is the Livonian Order…

  • Cēsis Castle


    Cēsis Castle is actually two castles in one. The moody dark-stone towers belong to the increasingly restored old castle. Founded by Livonian knights in…

  • Corner House

    Central Rīga

    A real-life house of horrors, this imposing fin de siècle building is remembered by generations of Latvians as the local headquarters of the notorious…

  • Žanis Lipke Memorial

    Ķīpsala, Āgenskalns & Torņakalns

    There is hardly a place in Latvia that can tell such a poignant and optimistic story as this quietly stunning memorial. Žanis Lipke saved over 50 Jews…

  • Rīga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum

    Maskavas Forštate, Avotu Iela & Grīziņkalns

    The centrepiece of this arresting and challenging museum is a wooden house with a reconstructed flat, like those that Jews had to move into when the Nazis…

  • Biķernieki Memorial


    Between 1941 and 1944, the Nazis – aided by Latvians – shot more than 35,000 Jews at 55 different sites in this forest. It is one of several killing sites…

  • Pedvāle Art Park

    Abava River Valley

    Located 1.5km south of the centre, this open-air art extravaganza was founded by Ojars Feldbergs, a Latvian sculptor. Pedvāle showcases over 100 thought…

  • Museum of the Barricades of 1991

    Old Rīga

    Latvia's independence came after enormous struggles. One of the most remarkable stories involves the barricades built by thousands of citizens around…

  • Baltā Kāpa


    These striking pine-covered cliffs loom above a pristine white-sand beach dissected by a glistening stream. This is one of the most enchanting places…

  • Kalnciema Kvartāls


    A lovingly restored courtyard with several vintage wooden buildings is home to creative cafes, shops and restaurants. It's also home to a fantastic…

  • Doll Garden

    Abava River Valley

    Latvia's answer to the Chinese terracotta army is entirely comprised of straw-filled unarmed civilians. Local folk artist Daina Kučera has filled a…

  • Kuldīga Waterfall


    Spanning 249m, Ventas Rumba is branded Europe's widest waterfall, though it's far from the tallest. Its subtle beauty becomes compelling the longer you…

  • Institute of Horticulture

    Southern Latvia

    These massive gardens draw throngs of visitors each spring when the scores of fruit trees are in bloom. There are apricot, cherry and plum orchards, as…

  • Valmiermuiža


    See how one of Latvia's best-known craft beers is made on an entertaining tour: expect friendly guides and plenty of samples. Enjoy hearty pints and…

  • Cape Kolka Point


    Watching the Baltic swells crash into the blue swells of the Gulf of Rīga is mesmerising. Find a spot away from the summertime crowds on the narrow beach;…

  • Ventspils Beach


    For Ventspils, the wide stretch of dazzling white sand south of the Venta River is its main treasure. During the warmer months, beach bums of every ilk –…

  • Liepāja Beach


    This Blue Flag beach is a fabulous place for a dip. The fine white sand is over 50m in width and the shore stretches for 8km. In summer you'll find a few…

  • Old Brick Bridge


    The vaulted arches of the 1874 red-brick bridge are one of Kuldīga's favourite sites. At 154m, it's the third-longest brick bridge in Europe.

  • St Nicholas Maritime Cathedral


    The stunning cathedral, with its bulbous cupolas, shines like a precious stone through the grey concrete of the decrepit Soviet apartment blocks that…

  • Rundale Palace is one of the most outstanding monuments of Baroque and Rococo art in Latvia.

Beautiful roses and Baroque - Rococo style palace in background - stock photo

    Rundāle Palace

    Southern Latvia

    Built as a grand residence for the Duke of Courland, this magnificent palace is a monument to 18th-century aristocratic ostentatiousness, and is rural…

  • Boat in a Canal. Riga, Latvia.

    Pilsētas Kanāls (City Canal)

    Central Rīga

    Pilsētas kanāls, the city’s old moat, once protected the medieval walls from invaders. Today the snaking ravine has been incorporated into a thin belt of…

  • Fresh Produce Vendor At The Central Market Housed In Reconditioned Zeppelin Hangars, Riga, Latvia (Photo by: Insights/UIG via Getty Images)

    Rīga Central Market

    Maskavas Forštate, Avotu Iela & Grīziņkalns

    Haggle for your huckleberries at this vast market, housed in a series of WWI Zeppelin hangars and spilling outdoors as well. It's an essential Rīga…

  • Cathedral

    Rīga Cathedral

    Old Rīga

    Founded in 1211 as the seat of the Rīga diocese, this enormous (once Catholic, now Evangelical Lutheran) cathedral is the largest medieval church in the…

  • Front facade of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.

    Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre


    The old imperial Russian arsenal inside Daugavpils Fortress is now an excellent contemporary art gallery honouring Daugavpils native Mark Rothko. The…

  • House of the Blackheads in Riga in a beautiful summer day, Latvia; Shutterstock ID 532211890; Your name (First / Last): Gemma Graham; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: 100 Cities Guides app image downloads

    Blackheads House

    Old Rīga

    Built in 1344 as a veritable fraternity house for the Blackheads guild of unmarried German merchants, the original house was bombed in 1941 and flattened…

  • RIGA, LATVIA - MAY 25, 2014: Art Museum Riga Bourse (circa 1855) on Doms square. National architectural monument of Latvia, UNESCO world heritage site. Architect Harald Julius von Bosse; Shutterstock ID 197314394; Your name (First / Last): Gemma Graham; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: 100 Cities Guides app image downloads

    Art Museum Rīga Bourse

    Old Rīga

    Rīga’s lavishly restored 1852 stock exchange building is a worthy showcase for the city's art treasures. The elaborate facade features a coterie of…

  • Bauska Castle

    Southern Latvia

    Bauska Castle sits on a picturesque hillock squeezed between two rivers – the Mūsa and Mēmele – that flow parallel to each other. It is actually two…

  • Slītere National Park


    Slītere National Park protects 265 sq km of land back from the coast on the Kolka peninsula. The park's focal point is the Slītere Lighthouse, a towering…

  • Šķēde Dunes Holocaust Memorial


    The beauty obscures the horror. Some 10km north of Liepāja, off a long dirt coastal road, is a memorial at a place of death. Amidst a flawless white sand…

  • Veczemju klintis


    Veczemju klintis, halfway between Saulkrasti and Salacgrīva, is a dramatic spot for a picnic and a walk. The jagged cliffs have a deep reddish hue and are…

  • Jūrmala Open Air Museum


    Before the clothing of choice in Jūrmala was the bikini (with or without a parka), the peninsula was home to fishing people who eked out a living through…

  • Kokenhausen

    Southern Latvia

    Stop at Koknese to admire the ruins of Kokenhausen, a medieval castle. It has a stunning location overlooking the confluence of the Daugava and Perse…

  • Rīga History & Navigation Museum

    Old Rīga

    Founded in 1773 and situated in the old Rīga Cathedral monastery, this engaging museum presents the sweep of local history, from the Bronze Age all the…

  • Ungurmuiža


    Beautiful Ungurmuiža is one of the best preserved manor houses in all of Latvia. The stately red mansion was created by Baron von Campenhousen, who served…

  • Jūrmala Beach


    Jūrmala's ribbon of white sand stretches for 24km. The sand is hard-packed and ideal for walking – or packing into sand sculptures or castles – and the…

  • Cat House

    Old Rīga

    The spooked black cats mounted on the turrets of this 1909 art nouveau–influenced building have become symbols of Rīga and Instagram stars. On any tour,…

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