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See how one of Latvia's best-known craft beers is made on an entertaining tour: expect friendly guides and plenty of samples. Enjoy hearty pints and Latvian favourites with a seasonal twist in the Beer Kitchen, a lively cafe (open Friday evenings and from 10am Saturday and Sunday). Valmiermuiža is just north of the city centre, past Viestura laukums.

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1. Valmieras Muzejs

1.13 MILES

Exhibits at this enjoyable museum complex along the Gauja River are housed in eight historical buildings. Also on the grounds are medieval castle ruins…

3. St Simon’s Church

1.22 MILES

Dating to 1283, St Simon's shelters medieval burial tombs, an altarpiece, The Temptation (1842), a pulpit from 1739 and an 1886 pipe organ.

5. Cēsis History & Art Museum

17.82 MILES

Right from the outset when you're handed a lit candle in a glass lantern, it's clear that this isn't an ordinary museum. At its centre is Cēsis Castle,…

6. Cēsis Castle

17.83 MILES

Cēsis Castle is actually two castles in one. The moody dark-stone towers belong to the increasingly restored old castle. Founded by Livonian knights in…

8. St John's Church

17.88 MILES

Switch on your imagination in this 13th-century church where armour-clad Livonian knights prayed and buried their dead in what was then a lonely island of…