Līgatne Nature Trails


An odd cross between a nature park and a zoo, here elk, deer, bison and wild boar roam in open-air enclosures in the forest. From the parking area, a 4km trail links the main sights, which include several small cages holding some sad-eyed badgers and other critters. Along the way are observation stops and a 22m-high tower with good views of the birch and conifer forests and the Gauja River. It's 4km by bike from the town centre.

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1. Soviet Secret Bunker

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What poses as a dreary rehabilitation centre is in fact a top-secret Soviet bunker, known by its code name, the Pension. When Latvia was part of the USSR,…

2. Vienkoču Parks

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3. Folk Song Garden

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The garden is dotted with sculptures dedicated to epic Latvian heroes immortalised in the dainas, poetic folk songs which are a major Latvian tradition.

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The small stone memorial commemorates poor Maija Roze, otherwise known as the Rose of Turaida – a character in Sigulda's romantic legend.

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