Bauska Castle

Castle in Bauska

Bauska Castle sits on a picturesue hillock squeezed between two rivers – Mūsa and Mēmele – that flow parallel to each other. It is actually two castles – one from the Livonian Order times, lying in ruins, and the other, built by the Duke of Courland and remaning fully intact. There is a local history exposition inside the latter.

Take a good look at the grey blocks along the facade of the new castle – they appear to be bulging out of the wall, but it’s actually an optical illusion – the bottom left corner of each brick has been scraped with a chisel to trick the viewer into thinking that they are seeing a shadow.

During the 18th century an Italian by the name of Magno Cavala moved to Bauska in search of a new business venture. He was something of a casanova (and a conman), and started collecting the water at the junction of the two rivers near the castle. He claimed that the water was a pungent love potion and made a fortune scamming the poor townspeople.

To find the castle ruins from the bus station, walk towards the central roundabout along Zaļā iela then branch left along Uzvaras iela for another 800m.