Zlēku Baznīca


On a little hill, the proud white 1645 church looks mundane outside but inside is a national treasure: the towering 17th-century altarpiece is a masterpiece of wood carving. Ornate decor throughout is befitting of what was once the private church of the baronial von Behr family.

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1. Ēdoles Pils

8.72 MILES

The namesake castle is the centre of everything in this hamlet. It’s part manor house, part fortification dating to 1264. It has a park-like setting and a…

2. Riežupe Sand Caves

9.96 MILES

Located 5km outside of town along the unpaved Krasta iela, Riežupe Sand Caves feature 460m of labyrinthine tunnels that can be visited by candlelight…

3. Kuldīga Synagogue

11.93 MILES

Stately and stolid, this 1875 structure was home to Kuldīga’s Jewish community until the Holocaust. It now houses the town's library and arts centre.

4. St Katrīna’s Church

11.96 MILES

The most important church in town: Katrina (St Catherine) is Kuldīga’s patron saint and protector, and is featured on the town’s coat of arms. The church…

6. Alekšupīte Waterfall

12.01 MILES

Disappointed in the modest height of Kuldīga's waterfall? Head over to what is – yes! – Latvia's tallest waterfall (4.2m). Sure it's lined with concrete…

7. Old Brick Bridge

12.04 MILES

The vaulted arches of the 1874 red-brick bridge are one of Kuldīga's favourite sites. At 154m, it's the third-longest brick bridge in Europe.

8. Old Wooden House

12.05 MILES

Kurzeme’s oldest wooden house – built in 1670, reconstructed in 1742 and renovated in 1982 – stands on the northern corner of Pasta iela.