Kuldīga Synagogue


Stately and stolid, this 1875 structure was home to Kuldīga’s Jewish community until the Holocaust. It now houses the town's library and arts centre.

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2. Old Wooden House

0.13 MILES

Kurzeme’s oldest wooden house – built in 1670, reconstructed in 1742 and renovated in 1982 – stands on the northern corner of Pasta iela.

3. Old Town Hall

0.14 MILES

This renovated 16th-century wood building is now home to the Tourist Information Centre. Outside, a statue popular for selfies portrays Evalds Valters, a…

4. New Town Hall

0.15 MILES

The new town hall, built in 1860 in Italian Renaissance style, is at the southern end of Rātslaukums.

5. St Katrīna’s Church

0.17 MILES

The most important church in town: Katrina (St Catherine) is Kuldīga’s patron saint and protector, and is featured on the town’s coat of arms. The church…

6. Sculpture Garden

0.25 MILES

The lovely gardens feature a monument to Suiti grannies, among others.

7. Alekšupīte Waterfall

0.25 MILES

Disappointed in the modest height of Kuldīga's waterfall? Head over to what is – yes! – Latvia's tallest waterfall (4.2m). Sure it's lined with concrete…

8. Town Garden

0.27 MILES

Finely manicured and with great views of the waterfall, Kuldīga's park has multifaceted appeal. Moody castle ruins from the 13th century are watched over…