Must-see attractions in Jordan

  • Jordan has so many amazing sights like Petra, wadi rum, jerash and the dead sea



    The spectacular sandstone city of Petra was built in the 3rd century BC by the Nabataeans, who carved palaces, temples, tombs, storerooms and stables from…

  • Temple of Hercules, Citadel, Amman, Jordan



    The area known as the Citadel sits on the highest hill in Amman, Jebel Al Qala’a (about 850m above sea level), and is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon…

  • Bedouin camels resting near the treasury of Al Khazneh in Petra.
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    The Ancient City

    The 1.2km Siq, or canyon, with its narrow, vertical walls, is undeniably one of the highlights of Petra. The walk through this magical corridor, as it…

  • Sacrifice place in ancient Petra, Jordan; Shutterstock ID 19855075; your: Sloane Tucker; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: POI

    High Place of Sacrifice

    The Ancient City

    The most accessible of Petra’s High Places, this well-preserved site was built atop Jebel Madbah with drains to channel the blood of sacrificial animals…

  • There is a person by the doorway to get a scale of the size. A classic view of El Deir, The Monastery in Petra. Shown in the context of the mountain that the facade was carved out of by the Nabataeans in the 1st century. The facade measures 50 metres wide by approximately 45 meters high.


    The Ancient City

    Hidden high in the hills, the Monastery is one of the legendary monuments of Petra. Similar in design to the Treasury but far bigger (50m wide and 45m…

  • Azraq, 'Amman, Jordan, Middle East

    Shaumari Wildlife Reserve


    Established in 1975 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), this 22 sq km reserve was created with the aim of reintroducing wildlife…

  • Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine, Issue 71, Jordan
Petra Theatre


    The Ancient City

    Originally built by the Nabataeans (not the Romans) more than 2000 years ago, the Theatre was chiselled out of rock, slicing through many caves and tombs…

  • Dana Biosphere Reserve landscape at sunset from Dana historical village; Shutterstock ID 474783019; Your name (First / Last): Lauren Keith; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Content Asset; Full Product or Project name including edition: Jordan 2017
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    Dana Biosphere Reserve


    The Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest in Jordan and includes a variety of terrain, from sandstone cliffs more than 1700m high near Dana to a low point…

  • Jordan - Best in Travel 2023 - Video Stills shot September 2022

    Darat Al Funun


    On the hillside to the north of the downtown area, this cultural haven is dedicated to contemporary art. The main building features an excellent art…

  • Petra - Nabataeans capital city (Al Khazneh) , Jordan. The Corinthian, Silk and Urn tomb. Roman Empire period.
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    Urn Tomb

    The Ancient City

    The most distinctive of the Royal Tombs is the Urn Tomb, recognisable by the enormous urn on top of the pediment. It was built in about AD 70 for King…

  • Amman, Jordan – February 21, 2011: A Mercedes Benz Mclaren stirling moss in Royal automotive museum.
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    Royal Automobile Museum


    You really don't have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy this museum, which displays more than 70 classic cars and motorbikes from the personal collection of…

  • Palace Tomb facade in Petra, Jordan.

    Royal Tombs

    The Ancient City

    Downhill from the Theatre, the wadi widens to create a larger thoroughfare. To the right, the great massif of Jebel Al Khubtha looms over the valley…

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The Jordan Museum, Amman, Jordan

    Jordan Museum


    The Jordan Museum, located next to the City Hall, is one of the best in the Middle East. Housed in a grand modern building, a series of beautifully…

  • Al Khazneh Temple, Petra, Nabatean Kingdom


    The Ancient City

    Known locally as Al Khazneh, this tomb is where most visitors fall in love with Petra. The Hellenistic facade is an astonishing piece of craftsmanship…

  • Children's Museum


    This brilliantly designed hands-on museum for kids is a complete joy. In its many zones, young visitors can play and learn about everything from the…

  • Burdah Rock Bridge

    Wadi Rum

    The largest of Rum's three arches is the Burdah Rock Bridge, precariously perched about 80m above surrounding rock. There’s a precipitous hike to the…

  • Qusayr 'Amra in eastern Jordan.

    Qusayr Amra


    One of the best-preserved desert buildings of the Umayyads, the Unesco World Heritage Site of Qusayr Amra is the highlight of a trip into the Eastern…

  • Boardwalk through Azraq Wetland Reserve, Jordan.

    Azraq Wetland Reserve


    For several millennia, the Qa’al Azraq (Azraq Basin) comprised a huge area of mudflats, pools and marshlands, which led to the establishment of Azraq as…

  • Built on top of the mountain, Ajloun Castle is a fine example of Islamic military architecture, marking it an important strategic link in the defensive chain against the Crusaders.

    Ajloun Castle


    This historic castle was built atop Mt ‘Auf (1250m) between 1184 and 1188 by one of Saladin’s generals, ‘Izz ad Din Usama bin Munqidh (who was also…

  • Temple of Artemis in the ancient Roman city of Gerasa, preset-day Jerash, Jordan.

    Temple of Artemis


    Dedicated to Artemis, the goddess of hunting and fertility and the daughter of Zeus and Leto, this temple was built between AD 150 and 170, and flanked by…

  • Ruins of the Qasr al Abd.

    Qasr Al Abad


    The small but impressive Qasr Al Abad, west of Amman, is one of the very few examples of pre-Roman construction in Jordan. Mystery surrounds the palace,…

  • Interior of Greek Orthodox Basilica of St George with the mosaic map of Holy Land in Madaba, Jordan.

    St George’s Church & Mosaic Map


    This rather modest 19th-century Greek Orthodox church houses a treasure of early Christianity. Imagine the excitement in 1884 when Christian builders came…

  • The Roman Theatre from above during spring, Amman, Jordan.

    Roman Theatre


    This magnificently restored theatre is the most obvious and impressive remnant of Roman Philadelphia, and is the highlight of Amman for most foreign…

  • Little Petra site, Jordan.

    Little Petra Siq

    Little Petra

    An obvious path leads through the 400m-long Siq Al Barid, opening out into flat, sandy areas. The first open area boasts a temple while four triclinia –…

  • Forum in Jerash, Jordan.



    Whatever the light and whatever the weather, the forum, with its organ-pipe columns arranged around an unusual oval-shaped plaza, is always breathtaking…

  • South Theatre, Jerash, Jordan.

    South Theatre


    As you enter the South Theatre through a wooden door between the arches, there’s little to suggest the treasure encased by the plain exterior. But then…

  • Serpentine Cross at the top of Mount Nebo in Jordan, where Moses viewed the Holy Land.

    Memorial Viewpoint

    Mt Nebo

    Moses' view of the Promised Land towards ancient Gilead, Judah, Jericho and the Negev is marked by an Italian-designed bronze memorial next to the Moses…

  • Arch of Hadrian at the roman ruins of Jerash, Jordan.

    Hadrian’s Arch


    There’s no better way of gaining a sense of the pomp and splendour of Rome than walking through the triumphal, 13m-tall Hadrian’s Arch at the entrance to…

  • Khazali siq at Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

    Khazali Siq

    Wadi Rum

    An easy siq to explore is the narrow fissure that cuts into Jebel Khazali. You can explore on foot for about 150m, far enough to appreciate the cool shade…

  • Tourists visit the West Theatre ruins in Umm Qais.

    West Theatre

    Umm Qais

    Entering Umm Qais from the south, the first structure of interest is the well-restored and brooding West Theatre. Constructed from black basalt, it once…

  • Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts


    This small but impressive gallery is a wonderful place to gain an appreciation of contemporary Jordanian painting, sculpture and pottery. The attractive…

  • Al Hasany Dunes

    Wadi Rum

    While there are dunes in several places around Wadi Rum, the most striking are the red sands that bank up against Jebel Umm Ulaydiyya. If you are on a 4WD…

  • Qasr Al Kharanah in present-day eastern Jordan, about 60km east of Amman and relatively close to the border with Saudi Arabia. It is known as Qasr al Harrana, Qasr Kharana, Kharaneh or Hraneh.; Shutterstock ID 247357723; Your name (First / Last): Lauren Keith; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Content Asset; Full Product or Project name including edition: Jordan 2017

    Qasr Kharana


    Located in the middle of a vast, treeless plain, this imposing thick-walled structure was the most likely inspiration for the ‘desert castle’ moniker and…

  • Scenic View Ancient Byzantine and Early Islamic Town Ruins of Umm el-Jimal in Northern Jordan; Shutterstock ID 555164446; Your name (First / Last): Lauren Keith; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Content Asset; Full Product or Project name including edition: Jordan 2017

    Umm Al Jimal Ruins


    The unpretentious urban architecture of Umm Al Jimal, near the Jordanian–Syrian border, encompasses more than 150 buildings standing one to three storeys…

  • Qasr Azraq in present-day eastern Jordan. It is located about 100 km east of Amman. Qasr Azraq is one of the desert castles in Jordan and is known as Qasr Al Azraq.; Shutterstock ID 300918770; Your name (First / Last): Lauren Keith; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Content Asset; Full Product or Project name including edition: Jordan 2017

    Qasr Al Azraq


    On the edge of dusty Azraq, this imposing fort is where TE Lawrence and Sharif Hussein bin Ali based themselves in the winter of 1917–18 during the Arab…

  • ruins of Shobak Castle

    Shobak Castle


    Perched in a wild, remote landscape, Shobak Castle wins over even the most castle-weary visitor, despite being less complete than its sister fortification…

  • North Theater in the Roman city of Jerash, Jordan.

    Roman Ruins of Jerash


    The ruined city of Jerash is Jordan's largest and most interesting Roman site, and a major tourist drawcard. Its imposing ceremonial gates, colonnaded…

  • Karak Castle in Al Karak, Jordan.

    Karak Castle


    This fantastic Crusader stronghold, and later Mamluk fortress, is the reason to visit Karak. Throughout the castle, boards give detailed descriptions of…

  • Colonnaded street leading to the Qasr al Bint in Petra, Jordan.

    Colonnaded Street

    The Ancient City

    Downhill from the Theatre, the Colonnaded Street marks the centre of the Ancient City. The street was built around AD 106 and follows the standard Roman…

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