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King Abdullah Mosque


Completed in 1989 as a memorial by the late King Hussein to his grandfather, this blue-domed landmark can house up to 7000 worshippers, with a further 3000 in the courtyard. There is also a small women’s section for 500 worshippers and a much smaller royal enclosure. The cavernous, octagonal prayer hall is capped by a magnificent blue dome 35m in diameter, decorated with Quranic inscriptions. This is the only mosque in Amman that openly welcomes non-Muslim visitors.

The Islamic Museum inside the mosque houses a small collection of photographs and personal effects of King Abdullah I. Shards of ancient pottery are also on display together with coins and stone engravings.

A Friday visit may be possible if you avoid prayer time, but call ahead to be sure. Women are required to cover their hair – headscarves are available at the entrance to the mosque together with abayas (black full-length dress) to cover bare arms, legs or jeans. Shoes must be removed before entering the prayer hall.

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